Week 11 | Wednesday

Photoshop Project II 

The Elements of Design


  • Critiques
  • Small group and large group critiques


Buttons, Bars & Tabs
Techniques for creating navigation elements.

Watch video and complete button tutorial. View it here.


Watch video and complete tutorial.

Ribbons and Banners


Tiled Backgrounds and Seamless Textures

Watch video and complete tutorial.



Watch video and complete icon tutorial.

Week 11 | Homework


On your del.icio.us account tag three Web Sites that focus on Photoshop

  • Photoshop Buttons, Bars, and Tabs in Web Design
  • Creating Photoshop shadows  
  •  Tiled Backgrounds and Seamless Textures

Photoshop Project III 

  • Using the techniques learned in ALL THREE VIDEO tutorials, design/create at a minimum three different items (one from each of the three videos) and use  them in your final iterations of your three style frames.
Photoshop Project III – Following Items Due  – Week 12 Monday
  • The COMPLETED style frames for the NEW homepage  and TWO additional pages with new layouts, color scheme, fonts, and images .
  • Updated wire frames iterations in Photoshop for all three pages you designing – both hand drawn and created in Photoshop
  • Updated site map and site outline
  • Research and Inspiration
  • Print out of all three pages for critique’s
  • DropBox link with all files, including PSD’s for all you work on this project.
Photoshop Project II – Following Items Due  – Week 12 Wednesday

All project files including Word document and DropBox link.

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