Uploading a PDF to WordPress

If you want to add and link to a PDF attachment from your page or post, you do so through the “Add Media” feature.

  1. Click “Add Media” above the text editor.
  2. Click “Upload Files” and locate your previously saved PDF.
  3. Once uploaded, it will join your media library and a check mark will appear to indicate that it has been selected.
  4. In the right sidebar, you will see a “Link to” field. Select “Media file” from the dropdown. You will also want to give the file a name in the title field. This is what you will see linked in your text editor and what will be visible to users once the page or post is published.
  5. In the right sidebar, click “Insert into Post” or “Insert into Page.”

wp_insert_pdfOnce inserted, you can continue building your page or your post, and in the right sidebar, preview your work before you publish it to your site.


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