Week 12 | Wednesday

Week 12 | Overview

Working with Text and Type (3)


#1 DO NOW: In-Class Exercise
InDesign – Working with Text and Type (3)

Adding Text to you Document

  • Creating a Text Frame

#2 DO NOW :

  • FILE > OPEN > ID0301.INDD – Start working on the first page of this document.

* If necessary, use the Pages panel to navigate to the first page.

  • Choose the TYPE TOOL and position the cursor on the left edge of the page so it is at the margin guide, approximately 1/2″ above the list of stories. Use your mouse to click and drag diagonally down and to the right to create a new text frame. Release the mouse when it is positioned just above the existing text frames that contains the list of stories. The new frame should be place above the existing frame and the left and right edges should be similarly positioned to the corresponding edges of the frame.
  • Type “Inside this issue:” into the text frame.
  • Choose File > Save As > Save it as id0301_work.indd (export as a .jpg as well)

TIP: Creating Multiple Frames

When drawing a text frame pressing the right arrow key one time will divide the text frame being created into two linked text frames. Pressing the arrow key a second time will create a third linked frames, which you can continue until you have the desired number of frames.

TIP: TAB CHARACTER  (tab key – symbol is a double chevron) When setting tabs inside a document, NEVER  put more than one tab in a row. Tabs are paragraph specific. One tab character per one tab stop.

#3 DO NOW –Text I – Placing

The different ways to get text into your document, plus options for text frames.

#4 DO NOW –Text II – Threading

How to flow text through multiple pages and text frames, and how to put text on a path.

#5 DO NOW – Text III – Navigation Shortcuts + Story Editor

In this video we’ll go over keyboard shortcuts for navigating through and selecting text. We’ll also take a look at the advantage of editing stories in the Story Editor.


Type I – Character Formatting


DO NOW #7 Type II – Paragraph Formatting

DO NOW #8 Type III – Tabs


  • Answer the following questions and post to your blog.

(From video 3)

  1. If you have a font that doesn’t have the style of italic, can you make it italic?
  2. Can you flow text into an existing frame?
  3. Can you divide one text frame into multiple columns?
  4. How can you add Previous and Next page markers?
  5. What is the best way to see changes that have been made to text in a given story?

***NOTE: Save  your files three ways***

  1. First – File > Save as and use the .indd extension.
  2. Second – File > Package
  3. Third – File > Export save as a .JPG
  4. Then, open the .JPG in Photoshop and check the image size. Make sure it’s at 72dpi and the color mode is RGB.
  5. Create a folder on your DropBox called InDesign_Week 12 | Wednesday and place all your InDesign files.

Upload finished files to your blog AND to your Flickr feed.

  • Follow the videos you saw in class and complete the exercises. Post to you blog and to Flickr.


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