Week 11: Final Project Continued

LOG IN and leave me a detailed description of where you are in the web design  process in regards to your portfolio site.


Final Project Requirements


  • accurate sitemap
  • revised wireframes
  • styleframes


  • your homepage
  • your artist statement
  • your bio
  • your portfolio
  • your skills
  • contact page

Information Architecture

  • one section without subpages (like a homepage or contact page)
  • one section with 2 to 3 subpages


  • Image rollover
  • CSS link states
  • 2 Link types (email, new window)


  • GIF
  • JPG
  • All sized properly


  • a live area that fits a browser set to 1366×768
  • use of lists and divides
  • effectively placed HTML text and CSS
  • (your site should not be all images)


NOTE: You must have a page called homework.html and it must include all of the following:

This includes:

  1. Register your blog
  2. Delicious
  3. Create resume and artist statement
  4. Gravatar
  5. Facebook Page
  6. Add social book marking on your blog
  7. LinkedIn – 100% complete
  8. Create Twitter and YouTube accounts
  9. Create Resume, Index, Contact and Artist Statement pages
  10. Mark up your resume
  11. Put all homework links on homework.html page
  12. Longest page, add back to top markup
  13. Make and unordered list
  14. Create an external CSS for the bio and resume pages
  15. Add div’s to all your pages
  16. Use styles including font, color size
  17. Create boxmodel.html
  18. Recreate Layout 1 and Layout II
  19. Recreate the sample layouts
  20. Gather all materials for website development including all graphics, images, videos
  21. Make an image gallery with 6 images including thumbnail and full sizes
  22. Create wireframes
  23. Create styleframes
  24. Create site map
  25. Create css stylesheet that includes different backgrounds, headings, links and list styles for each of the three divs
  26. Add rounded corners to your divs
  27. Create a single image roll over menu
  28. Create a photoshop design template for your homepage and save as a jpg
  29. Create production graphics for your site


  1. Create a new sitemap that incorporates any changes you made after reviewing your site’s content.

2. Create style frames for the rest of your pages.

3. Have your contact page and at least one other page coded in HTML/CSS by next week’s class

7 thoughts on “Week 11: Final Project Continued

    1. Julliehus Clarkeclayton

      I am cought up with the homework so im guesing im in a good space right now to move forward some more. I have finished and posted on my site both my wire frame, style frame, and my stite map. I have retrived almost all the information content I plan to use on my site excluding my background images (I have back ups). Lastly I have found most of the html code that I will implement in my pages. I feel confident but I also feel to get an A I dont have enough time. Im still working though.

    1. Katherina Thompson

      I have all my work that I want to use for my website. I’ve got all my wireframes, stylemaps, and my sitemaps done, but I still have some adjustments that I’m making with Leeza and Shakira’s help. After I make my adjustments, I’ll post all the updated links and refresh my homework page.

  1. Travis Bennett

    hey professor my vehicle of travel broke down and i am upstate , traveling by public transportation take 2 hr and 30 min im will be in york monday morning catching up on what i missed and continuing the final project…..


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